What is XSMirror ?
- Hardware failures do happen, and may be unexpected, so your data is first uploaded to a primary server, and then mirrored to a backup server. That way we prevent loss of data, and guarantee that you would be satisfied with us.

Do you limit the data transfer per month?
- Not at all. What you pay for is what you get. Nothing less

Do you use RAID system for the storage area ?
- Yes, our backup systems run in a RAID6 configuration, which allows us to operate even in the event of a 2 drives failure.

I have another question that has not been answered here. Where can i ask?
- Any questions you may have, please mail admin@xsBackup.com. Response is guaranteed within 24 hours (usually few minutes).

Reseller panel ? Control panel? Do you have something like this?
Sure we do, check the images below, for a demo of the service.

xspanel 1     xspanel 2     xspanel 3